When it comes to tiling, we are Preston’s leading experts, here at Tiles 2 Go. And we know how important it is to make sure that you make the right tiling choices. From subway tiles, to patterned tiles, there is a place and a use for every tile. But this doesn’t mean they will all suit your needs or your home. That’s why choosing tiles can be such a challenge. But one versatile tiling option could suit your needs perfectly. Hexagonal tiling can look great in a range of rooms, and could be perfect your home. This is our guide to the advantages of hexagonal tiling.

Advantages of hexagonal tiling

  1. Hexagonal tiles look great in any room. Whether you want to tile your bathroom, kitchen, conservatory, hallway, or even your living room, hexagonal tiles can suit your space.
  2. With a variety of different style and colour options, hexagonal tiles can look great in either contemporary or traditional homes.
  3. Hexagonal tiles can look like natural stone or timber, and this can be incredibly appealing for neutral and natural spaces.
  4. Because of their unusual shape, hexagonal tiles can draw attention to your tiling, and create an interesting and unique focal point.
  5. Hexagonal tiles can be used to create a feature wall, or splash-back zone, or they can be used throughout the room. This versatility means that they can be effective for almost any need.
  6. For floor tiles, large format hexagonal tiles can be very effective. While small format hexagonal tiles can be used effectively for splash-back zones.
  7. To draw more attention to your tiling, using an alternative grout colour can really help your hexagon shaped tiles to stand out.
  8. Hexagonal tiling fits in well with more regular tiling, so you can pick and choose how to use hexagonal tiles for your own home.

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