Advantages of kitchen tiles


For both walls and floors, kitchens around the world make use of tiles. But why are tiles such a good option for the kitchen? And what are the advantages of kitchen tiles? Well, here at Tiles 2 Go, we are Preston’s leading tile experts. And we know that tiles are a fantastic option that offer not just style and aesthetic value, but also practical advantages too.

Advantages of kitchen tiles

Kitchen tiles are used to cover both the floor, and the walls of most kitchens. But why are tiles such a good option. Well, there are many advantages of kitchen tiles. In general kitchen tiles are:

  • waterproof
  • low maintenance
  • stylish


Kitchen tiles are waterproof. And in a room where washing the dishes, making drinks, and cooking with liquids are all daily activities, covering the walls and floors in a waterproof material is a practical choice. Most tiles are naturally non-porous, so the water will just sit on top of the tile, and not be absorbed or cause damage. However, some tiles will need waterproof sealant to be applied, and re-applied on an annual basis.

Low maintenance

Tiles may need to have a waterproof sealant applied, but they are very easy to clean and they do not stain. When you compare this to a simple painted wall, or a carpeted floor, it is easy to see that tiles are a low maintenance, easy, and practical option for kitchens. Especially when it comes to stubborn stains, splashes from the frying pan, or saucepan, and grease.


Finally, tiles are also incredibly stylish. Whichever style or theme you are trying to create in your kitchen, can easily be supported or emphasized with the right tile choices. Contemporary or traditional, your kitchen will look great when decorated with tiles.

Here at Tiles 2 Go we have a range of tiles suitable for any kitchen. Why not take a look today?