Benefits of patterned tiles


When it comes to tiling trends and developments, we are always on the ball here at Tiles 2 Go. And one of the tiling trends that has been growing in popularity, and style, over recent years, has been the patterned tile. Whether its a full colour, or a monochrome or grey, patterned tile, these tiles are effective throughout the home. From the hallway and conservatory, to the bathroom and kitchen, patterned tiles can be the perfect choice. But why choose patterned tiles? What can they offer? Well, this is our guide to the advantages of patterned tiles.

Advantages of patterned tiles

There are a number of advantages to using patterned tiles in different places around your home. These advantages include:

  • Adding style or a theme to an area of the home
  • Drawing attention to certain spaces
  • Adding unique features

Suitable for either traditional or contemporary homes, patterned tiles can be extremely beneficial.

Adding style

Choosing to use patterned tiles for your flooring, over simple plain tiles, can instantly add style to what can otherwise be a plain space. This style will depend on the tiles you choose. Opting for a bright coloured Moroccan tile can feel more traditional and instantly add a sense of fun and excitement. Alternatively, a geometric monochrome pattern can be incredibly contemporary, adding a sophisticated touch to your home.

Drawing attention

Patterned tiles will draw attention to your space. However you use them. Even the most subtle of patterns will stand out in a plain room, and this is fantastic for creating a feature in any space. So whether its the hallway floor, the shower enclosure, or the kitchen splash-back, if you want it to really stand out, and create a feature, patterned tiles are the perfect option.

Unique features

If you really want to put your mark on a space, and make it unique, patterned tiles could be just the answer. With a wide range of patterned tiles to choose from, you can create a variety of unique features. To really make your home stand out.

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