Advantages of marble effect kitchen tiles

From contemporary to traditional and classic styles, marble effect tiles are a popular and effective design choice. With all the visual features of real, solid marble, but with none of the practical drawbacks, marble effect tiles can create a stunning visual effect. But what are the advantages of marble effect kitchen tiles? And what kind of visual result can you expect from marble effect kitchen tiles?

What are marble effect tiles?

Marble effect tiles are tiles that are designed to have the look and feel of real marble. Generally the background shades are white, cream, or grey, with darker tones of grey and blue rippled across the tile, and the tiles tend to have a glossy finish, just like real marble. Marble effect tiles can also be textured, to mirror natural stone marble.

What are the advantages of marble effect kitchen tiles?

There are several advantages to choosing marble effect kitchen tiles. These include:

  • Stunning timeless visual feature- marble effect tiling can create a stunning visual feature that will not age or become out of fashion any time soon. In fact, marble has been popular for centuries, and with marble effect tiling, you can create the same appeal, without the practical issues.
  • Waterproof- natural marble is not waterproof, and this means that it needs to be sealed and treated if it is to be used in a potentially damp or wet environment like a kitchen. Marble effect tiles on the other hand are designed to be water-resistant so you don’t have to worry.

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