Advantages of staggered subway tiles 

Staggered subway tiling can be a great choice for any space, contemporary or traditional. But what kind of benefits can this tiling layout bring?  Well, here at Tiles 2 Go, we are Preston’s leading tiling experts, and this is our guide to everything you should know about staggered subway tiling.

What is staggered subway tiling?

Staggered subway tiling is a layout option for subway tiles that involves installing the rows of tiles in a 50% offset. This creates a brick bond type of design. Staggered subway tiles can also be installed at different levels of offsets, although this is less common.

What are the advantages of staggered subway tiles?

Staggered subway tiles offer a number of advantages and benefits for any space in the home. These advantages include:

  • Great for traditional design- staggered subway tiling can be very effective for traditional spaces, especially when the right types of tiles are used. Floral patterned tiles can be very effective here.
  • Stunning contemporary design too- staggered subway tiles are incredibly versatile in that they can also be very effective for contemporary spaces too. For contemporary design you should consider natural effect tiling, like stone effect tiling. This can create a very realistic, textured brick bond result.
  • Visually interesting- this type of tiling layout offers a high level of visual interest because of the offset in layout which attracts attention and this can be emphasized further by using a contrasting grout colour.
  • Adding texture- staggered subway tiles can be the perfect way to add texture to your wall tiling. This is perfect for feature wall tiling and splashbacks tiling in both the kitchen and the bathroom. 
  • Colour combinations- when using staggered subway tiles you can combine different colours or choose one solid colour, to create a feature that compliments your space.

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