Benefits of striped tiling

Jersey Mix 20 x 31.6

When it comes to tiling your home or property, there are a number of different styles and designs to consider. From geometric patterns, to textured tiling, you can really add your own design spirit to any room using tiles. This includes striped tiling. But what is this type of tiling? And what are the benefits of striped tiling?

What is striped tiling?

Striped tiling is tiling that creates stripes fro your walls or floors. This can be achieved in a couple of different ways, including:

  • Using tiles with a stripe pattern- vertical, horizontal or diagonal, some tiles have a stripe pattern, which can be connected together to create a full striped space.
  • Using tiles of different colours- you can create striped tiling by simply using a grid layout with standard square tiles, and alternating the colours used.
  • Using narrow strip tiles- narrow strip tiles can help to create the impression of broken stripes, which can also be very effective.

What are the benefits of striped tiling?

If you choose to use striped tiling in your home, there are a number of advantages you can expect. These include:

  • Design flexibility- There is a lot of design flexibility when it comes to striped tiling. You can opt for thin stripes that are just a few cm wide, or wider stripes that create wedges of colour. You can use textured tiles to create the striped effect, or you can use plain tiles. You can even opt for broken stripes, or full stripes. With so many different ways to use striped tiling, you can create a unique and effective tiling feature for your space, that suits the style and design of your property.
  • Create a visual feature- However you decide to use your striped tiling, you can be sure to create a stunning visual feature. Striped tiles work most effectively in smaller places, as smaller tiling features. This includes splash backs, or feature walls. And this creates a visual contrast with the rest of the room, that attracts attention and creates a stunning focal point.

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