How can Tiles Create Space?


In the UK many homes have small bathrooms. This is especially true in new build properties, where the average floor area is only 3 sq meters. Even in homes with a large family bathroom, an en-suite or downstairs powder room may be a small space. Here at Tiles 2 Go, our 25 + years of experience has taught us that many home owners and property developers like to use tiles that increase the sense of space, especially in a small bathroom.

Why aim to create space?

There are several popular reasons to create a sense of space.



Lighter coloured tiles can reflect the limited natural or artificial light you may have in your bathroom and make the room feel brighter. In contrast, using only dark tiles can make the room feel cramped and confining, as the limited light will be absorbed. However, dark tiles needn’t be cut out of your plans for a small bathroom altogether. A mixture of both light and dark tiles can be stunning, as long as the lighter tiles are the majority.


Floor tiles in a large size can create a stunning visual feature in your bathroom, no matter the size. In a small bathroom however, large tiles also have a practical purpose of adding to the sense of space. With less grout lines the floor can appear larger and less cluttered, as well as being easier to clean. This space creating effect can be emphasised further with a complimentary grout colour, rather than a contrasting grout colour. This is because it takes attention away from the grout lines and makes the grout blend in with the tiles.


A diagonal layout of floor or wall tiles can also create a feeling of space. This lends itself perfectly to tiles that are unique in pattern or design to add an interesting focal point. Interesting tile shapes can add to a sense of space. A diamond tile can make a wall appear wider, while a hexagonal floor tile can give the impression of a larger area.

In summary

Creating a sense of space in a small bathroom is important to allow the room to be relaxing and bright. Tile colour, size, and layout all play an important part in creating the impression of more room. Why not take a look at our range of tiles today?