Choosing wetroom tiles

A wetroom is a great option for many homes. Considered to be luxurious and spa like, the wetroom is increasing in popularity year on year. And it can also perfect for people with limited mobility, as it is simply a shower area, with no shower tray, that you can walk right into. However, when installing a wetroom in your property, there are a range of considerations to take into account, including the drainage and the tiling. After all, the entire room will need to be fully waterproof, and fully tiled, but the risk of falling or slipping also needs to be minimised. Here at Tiles 2 Go, we are Preston’s leading tiling experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to choosing wetroom tiles.

Choosing Wetroom Tiles

For your wetroom tiling, you can choose between these types of tiles:
  • Porcelain –  Porcelain tiles have the advantage of being incredibly durable and hard-wearing, which makes them perfect for a wetroom that will be used by many people. It means that your tiles wont be likely to crack or chip, so your wetroom can keep looking stunning.
  • Natural stone- These tiles include marble, granite, limestone and slate, and can be used to great effect in wetrooms. However, they will need maintenance and sealing to keep them 100% waterproof.
Porcelain tiles and natural stone tiles are your best choice of tile for a wetroom. That’s because they can be used effectively with any type of drainage system you opt for, unlike ceramic tiles that can only be used with stone infill grills. However, just because the tiling material choices are limited, you still need to choose:
  • the tile size
  • the tile shape
  • the tile colour

Generally, in a wet room, it would be a good idea to use smaller tiles, with more frequent grout lines, or larger tiles with larger grout lines. That’s because the grout lines actually provide friction, and can prevent slips, trips and falls in a wet environment.

For more information or advice about wet room tiling, get in touch with the experts today, here at Tiles 2 Go.