How to create the perfect feature wall


Feature walls are essential if you want a room to really stand out. The methods used to create a feature wall vary from simple tips and tricks, to creations that require more planning and effort. Here at Tiles 2 Go, we are tiling experts. As a result we have produced this guide, to help you create the perfect feature wall.

Why a feature wall?

Adding style and personality to any room, a feature wall can be used to capture your own personal design ideas. A feature wall can be elegant and sophisticated, or fun and colourful. By transforming your space, a feature wall is one of the best ways to personalise your room.

create the perfect feature wall


Feature walls in kitchens tend to either incorporate the splash back, or be completely separate. Either way, the colour and material of the tiles chosen can really set the tone of the room.

When creating a feature wall it is important to consider the overall style. This is especially important in the kitchen, where the style is often based on either contemporary or traditional design features. While a stylish black and white tiling feature will work wonders in a contemporary kitchen, it wont have the same effect in your traditional kitchen.

If you have a traditional kitchen, consider timber look tiles. These add warmth and the appearance of real wood, with the same colour and finish. In a rustic or wooden based kitchen, timber look tiles are a great design choice.


Bathroom feature walls are again a great way to add a unique touch to your room. The style of your feature wall is something that you should plan for before you even go tile shopping. This is because bathrooms offer a wider range of tiling feature options than kitchens.

Large unusual shaped tiles, hexagons or triangles can be used to great effect in the bathroom. These are perfect for creating a stunning visual feature that draws the eye and adds a WOW moment.

Alternatively, using smaller mosaic tiles in a contained area, such as a under the mirror, is a great way to create a feature wall. This type of feature wall is impressive for the attention to detail.

In summary

Feature walls are great for bathrooms and kitchens. Designed to create a stunning and unique room, no two feature walls will be the same. Create the perfect feature wall for your home, take a look at our range of tiles today, here at Tiles 2 Go.