Creating a tile feature


Tile features can add a dramatic dynamic to any room. From coloured tiles, to patterned tiles, a tile feature can create a stunning visual effect. Here at Tiles 2 Go, we have over 25 years of experience in the tiling industry. When it comes to tiles, you could say, we are the experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to help you create your own tile feature.

Wall or Floor?

Wall tile features

Back-splash areas behind the bath, sink, or cooker make an excellent choice of area for a wall tile feature. The feature can be created in different ways, including:

  • The colour of the tiles you choose for the tile feature can either compliment or contrast with the rest of the room. As a result, this can add a hint of fun and personality to a room, or bring out the elegance and style.
  • Using small tiles arranged in a pattern or design you can create a mosaic guaranteed to draw attention. This may be an ancient tiling technique, but it can be stunning in modern and contemporary homes.
  • Patterned tiles. Patterned tiles can be used to create a wall tile feature in a number of ways. The tiles can draw out a secondary colour in a rooms colour scheme. Alternatively, they can contrast with the existing colours to draw the eye and be a real wow feature.

Floor tile features

While wall tile features may look great in backsplash areas. A floor tile feature can be positioned anywhere in the room. From the centre of the room, to an off centre panel, floor tiles are incredibly versatile. Some things you should consider include:

  • Using unusual shapes within your floor tile feature can be incredible. Hexagons, pentagons, octagons, and triangles are some of the popular shape choices for floor tiles.
  • Similarly to the wall tile colour options, floor tile colour options can add depth and interest to any room. From creating a contrast to complimenting the colour scheme, there are many different ways to incorporate colour into your floor tiling options.

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