Different ways to create contrast with tiling

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Tiling your kitchen, bathroom, conservatory, or hallway can be both a stylish and practical option. These rooms typically deal with water (from taps, or from muddy, wet clothes) and as tiles are naturally impervious, you only need to apply the right waterproof grout, to ensure that your your space is protected. Tiles are also incredibly hard-wearing and resilient, and can also be used to create stunning and visually attractive features in any room. From mosaics to interesting tiling layouts, there are a range of ways that tiles can generate visual interest. And creating areas of contrast is one such option. But why would you want to create contrast, and how do tiles help? Well, here at Tiles 2 Go, we are Preston’s leading tiling experts. And this is our guide to everything you should know about tiling contrast.

What are the different ways to create contrast with tiling?

So, how can tiling be used to create contrast? Well, there are a number of ways, including:

  • The colour of the tiles- using two different coloured tiles can create contrast, and this contrast will immediately draw the eye and add character, personality and depth to your space.
  • The texture of the tiles- the human eye can denote minute details easily. So texture is certainly something that could help to create contrast in any space. From smooth, glossy tiles, to rough, textured tiles, there are a range of options to help you achieve this.
  • The colour of the grout- in some cases, you might want to create contrast between the tiles and the grout, to really accentuate the shape of the tiles, or the tiling layout. This can create an effective and eye-catching visual feature.

Considerations for contrast tiling

To make sure your tiling is successful, you should consider:

  • Keeping the area of contrast confined- a visual feature should direct attention to one space. Contrast tiles across all the floor and wall space in your room can be chaotic and disordered, creating the opposite of the intended result.
  • Overall design- consider the overall design theme of your room and home and use contrast accordingly.

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