Different types of subway tiles

Subway tiles are a popular option for homes, especially in kitchens and bathrooms. But what are the different types of subway tiles and how can these be used effectively?

What are the different types of subway tiles?

Subway or metro tiles are smaller rectangular tiles that can be very effective for feature walls and smaller areas like splashback zones. While these can be arranged in a number of different ways for visual interest and an interesting layout option, there are actually different types of subway tile to choose from. These can be incredibly effective, and include:

  • Bevelled subway tiles
  • Textured subway tiles
  • Marbled subway tiles

What are bevelled subway tiles?

Bevelled subway tiles are tiles that have a 3D style with the edges of the tile being lower than the centre, allowing the centre of the tiles to stand out, creating a contrasting surface texture that can really stand out.

What are textured subway tiles?

Textured subway tiles either have the visual effect of texture or have a rough, textured surface. Visually, textured subway tiles are designed to look like natural materials such as stone, brick or timber. The glaze on subway tiles can also be used to create visual texture with colour changes for maximum visual impact. This texture can draw attention to any feature wall or splashback area.

What are marbled subway tiles?

Marbles subway tiles have a marbled surface which can help to create a unique and interesting style in any room. The marbling also helps to create definition around each of the tiles and create a stylish and attractive visual feature.

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