How to drill through a tile- without breaking it?


Many home owners and property developers experience a regular problem. Once your bathroom or kitchen has been beautifully tiled, you realise you need to drill through a tile. How else will you attach a towel rail or a mirror? Here at Tiles 2 Go, we know how important a solution to this issue is. As a result, we have produced this guide to help you drill through a tile, without breaking it.


  • a power drill with a carbide or diamond drill bit
  • masking tape to note the correct drilling locations on the wall,
  • a spirit level to line up multiple spots for drilling
  • a pen or pencil to mark each location
  • safety glasses
  • mask

drill through a tile

Mark the drilling points

Mark each of your drilling points precisely to make sure that your fittings are straight and not angled.

Now, it’s time to start drilling

Begin by creating a shallow hole. Drill into the mark you have made for only 2-3 seconds. This can be a guide to help you make a precise, deeper hole.

Once you have made a shallow hole, cool down the end of your drill bit with cold water. This will help stop the tile from splitting and cracking.

If you need more than one hole, repeat this process with the other holes so that all of your guiding holes are created.

Now you can return to the first hole. Apply a normal amount of pressure to the drill and drill for 5-8 seconds into the hole. After this amount of time, the drill bit will become too hot and may cause the tile to fracture.

Cool down the drill bit with cold water. Don’t touch it with your hands though, as it will be extremely hot.

Once cooled, you can continue this process.

Drilling for 5-8 seconds will give you the best results and protect your tiling work.

Almost finished…

At this point, the job is almost complete. All that remains is to clean the surface and attach the bathroom accessory.

In summary

Drilling through tiles can ruin your room. However, if you follow our simple guide, you are almost guaranteed success. Here at Tiles 2 Go, we know how important it is to protect your tiling. For all your tiling needs, contact us at Tiles 2 Go today.