Expert guide to border tile ideas

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Here at Tiles 2 Go, we are Preston’s favourite tiling experts. As a result, we know just how important choosing the perfect tiling combinations can be. Especially when it comes to creating the perfect setting. From colours to textures, there are plenty of tiling style choices to be made, especially if you want to create a statement. Border tiles can help do just that. Consequently, we have produced this expert guide to border tile ideas.

expert guide to border tile ideas

Horizontal border tiles

Horizontal border tiles can be used to great effect in both kitchens and bathrooms. These border tiles will run across the selected feature wall, or across the entire room if you require. Breaking up the visual colours in the room, a horizontal border can add interest and visual appeal to the space.

One great tip for horizontal border tiles is to use patterned tiles across one feature wall. This pattern could bring out the secondary colours in the room, or add texture and depth.

Vertical border tiles

In a more contemporary twist, vertical border tiles are used in the same way as horizontal border tiles, but are instead, obviously, from floor to ceiling. This can create a streak of colour, pattern, or texture that can create a real wow feature.

For excellent results, we recommend using a vertical border as a repeating pattern around the walls of the bathroom. However, if the tile colours you are using are darker, this can have a negative effect. As a result, you should stick to lighter coloured tiles for this effect.

Colourful border tiles

If your room is tiled in cream, beige or other neutral colours, why not add a touch of fun with your border tiles. You don’t have to use tiles that are the same colour to create a stunning border effect. Instead, you can use 3 or four different colours, that each compliment the overall colour scheme within the room.

Alternatively, if your room is predominantly monochrome, with a white or black tiled finish, why not use the alternative colour as a border? This will draw attention to your feature wall and really help it to stand out.

In summary

Border tiles can break up colour blocks, help create a fascinating feature wall, or liven up your tiling in general. Horizontal or vertical, whichever you decide upon, make sure you think about colour, pattern and texture. We hope our expert guide to border tile ideas has been helpful. Take a look at our range of tiles today, here at Tiles 2 Go.