Floor tiles throughout the home

With floor tiles rising in popularity for kitchens and bathrooms, people are beginning to wonder if they can use them elsewhere. This is because of the practical advantages tiles have over other flooring options. Here at Tiles 2 Go, we are Preston’s leading tiling specialists. As a result, we have produced this guide to floor tiles throughout the home.

floor tiles throughout the home

Why choose tiles?

With carpet, laminate, lino, and real wood flooring options available, why would tiles even enter the equation? Well actually there are a range of advantages to using tiles, including:

  • The durability compared to other floor types- lino rips, laminate warps and wears in patches, carpet can become stained and worn out, and real wood can be chipped and damaged. In contrast, if your tiled floor becomes damaged it is really easy to repair the one or two tiles, as long as you buy a lot of spares to begin with.
  • Easy to clean- Tiles require no special treatment or care to keep clean, unlike other flooring types, and they don’t stain. Anything you spill can be easily mopped up or wiped off with your usual cleaning product.
  • Stylish- Having a stylish floor isnt only the remit of the kitchen. In fact, why not use tiles to add colour, pattern and style to your whole house? Not just the generic two rooms.

Tiling ideas for different rooms

Laying floor tiles throughout the home is a practical an stylish option. The range of uses include:

  • The utlilty room- where leaks from the washing machine might be a possibility, you need a strong and waterproof flooring option. Tiles offer you just that, and can be used to match your kitchen to great effect, especially if your utility room leads from kitchen.
  • The hall- muddy footprints, dripping umbrellas, and wet shopping needent ruin your flooring in the hall. Well, not if you use tiles that is! Easy to wipe clean and waterproof, your hall can look welcoming no matter how many people leave mud behind.
  • The porch- Similar to the hall, your porch needs to be able to cope with mud and water too. This makes tiles the best option.
  • The living room- One of the busiest rooms in the home, the living room floor needs to be capable of withstanding the traffic. Tiles are incredibly hard-wearing, and easy to keep clean. In addition, they are perfect flooring option to accompany underfloor heating, so you dont need to worry about cold feet!

If you are ready to create your own stylish tiling masterpiece, why not take a look at what we have to offer, here at Tiles 2 Go.