How to use different tiling patterns


Creating the perfect tiled space involves a range of choices and considerations. These can dramatically change the outcome of your tiling project. One of the key questions we often hear is how to use different tiling patterns. Here at Tiles 2 Go, we are Preston’s leading tiling company. We work with homeowners, landlords and property developers across Lancashire, to make sure they get the tiling spaces they deserve. As a result, we have produced this guide to the various tiling layouts, and how to use different tiling patterns.

how to use different tiling patterns

The Straight Lay Pattern

By laying the tiles side by side you can create a simple grid pattern of tiles. This is perfect for spaces and areas where the tiles do not need to be the focus of the attention. For example, in a kitchen with a feature splashback, the rest of the kitchen tiles can be laid in straight lay so as not to detract from the tiling feature.

The basket weave

This is a pattern that involves laying a horizontal tile and then a vertical tile and so on, until you complete the space. This creates a fantastic basket weave pattern. This is perfectly suited to rooms where drawing attention to the tiling isn’t a main priority, but it still emphasizes fun and individuality. For this reason, we think that the basket weave is a great tiling layout for bathroom floors.

The Brick-Bond

As it sounds, this tiling pattern creates an effect that is reminiscent of a brick wall. The rectangular tiles line up with the centre of the tile above, just like a brick wall. This can make an effect feature wall, especially when coupled with complementary or contrasting grout. As a result, we think that brick bond is fantastic for a splashback or feature wall.

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