Guide to crackle glaze tiling


When it comes to tiling, we are the experts here at Tiles 2 Go. With over 25 years of tiling experience, we are Preston’s leading tiling experts. From porcelain to patterned, we know how tiles work together effectively. The crackle glaze tile is one of the most undervalued tiles, despite producing incredible results. As a result, we have produced this guide to crackle glaze tiling.

guide to crackle glaze tiling

What is crackle glaze tiling?

The first item on our guide to crackle glaze tiling is to establish what exactly it is.

On a crackle glaze tile, the top layer has hairline cracks running through it, created by a process known as crazing. This means that the tile catches the light in a unique way, and looks textured despite usually being glossed. As a result, it is a very effective and stunning way to tile a room.

Should crackle glaze tiling be used on the wall or the floor?

Although this of course will be personal preference, practically speaking, crackle glaze tiles are most suited to wall tiling. This is because they tend to have a smaller size than that necessary for floor tiling, while also usually being glossy on the top. This means that they can be quite slippy if used on the floor.

Can crackle glazes tiles be used in the bathroom or kitchen?

Crackle glazed tiles can look incredible in both the bathroom or the kitchen, or any room really. However, when you use them in a potentially damp or wet area you need to make sure you seal them. This is because of the tiny hairline cracks across the surface.

Does crackle glazed tiling suit a contemporary or a traditional room?

With a range of styles available, crackle glaze tiling can be used effectively in any room regardless of theme.

Vintage tiles are available and they can boast uneven edges and rustic surfaces to suit your style. However, the modern tiles are available in a vast range of colour choices so they can match your contemporary bathroom with ease.

For more information or advice about crackle glaze tiling, get in touch today, with the experts here at Tiles 2 go.