Mixing and matching tiling


Tiling in your bathroom can be tricky to get right. Especially if you dont have a style or theme in mind. But have you considered mixing and matching tiling trends? Here at Tiles 2 Go, we have 25 years of tiling experience, and we know just how to blend tiling trends together. As a result, we have produced this guide to mixing and matching tiling.

mixing and matching tiling

A balancing act

While bright, vibrant colours and patterns are eye catching and look fantastic, too much can be over the top. Mixing and matching colours and patterns with plainer tiles is a great way to keep the style effective, without overdoing it. This can be done with splashbacks and feature walls, as well as border tiles.

Sizes and proportions

Colour isnt the only thing you need to consider. Tiling sizes can be incredibly important for the entire feel of your tiling space. Tiles that are too small cause a lot of grout lines, which can break up the overall design, while tiles that are too large simply dont suite smaller spaces. Instead, think about mixing up some tiny mosaics with larger, medium sized tiles for a proportional effect.


If you want to create a textured effect, you can consider mixing and matching tiling. From gloss to matt, and timber effect to stone effect tiles, there are a huge range of texture options. While an over emphasis on one texture type can again be overkill, a blend of textures can be extremely tactile and efficient.


Finally, the last way to mix and match tiles is to shake up the way you can use shapes to tile a space. While most tiles will be rectangular or square, hexagonal tiles and triangles can also be incredibly effective. Why not add a hexagonal tiling feature to liven up your space?

If you are ready to begin mixing and matching tiling for your space, take a look at what we have to offer here at Tiles 2 Go.