Luxurious bathroom tiling trends

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When it comes to tiling trends, we at Tiles 2 Go know what are talking about. With more than 25 years experience in tiling and tiling trends, we can help you achieve any tiling feature or style you want. But what about the tiling you might expect in a fancy hotel or an expensive spa? Well, this is our guide to luxurious bathroom tiling trends, so you can create your own luxurious bathroom experience.

Marble effect

Synonymous with luxury is marble tiling. However, marble effect tiles are a lot more practical than standard marble. This is because they are fully waterproof, while marble tiles tend to be porous and not suitable for wet and damp environments.

In addition, even an expert would be hard pressed to tell the difference between real marble tiles and marble effect tiles. They are equally as hard-wearing, and attractive, and we are sure they will add some luxury and elegance to any bathroom.

High Gloss

Marble isnt the only tiling trend to exude luxury. Any tiles with a high gloss finish can be a fantastic addition to your bathroom. This is especially true when the high gloss tiles are coupled with soft and warm lights, instead of the usual harsh bright lighting. This will allow your glossy tiles to reflect the light and add an atmospheric and relaxing touch to your bathroom.

Textured tiling

Finally, textured tiling is arguable one of the most important aspects for a luxurious bathroom. This is because textured tiling really engages with more than simply one of the senses. It is incredibly tactile and can be incredibly effective when paired with a range of lighting options. In fact, texture is one of the most important aspects for spas and hotels when creating that luxury feel. With scented candles, fluffy towels and robes, artwork, and music, you are getting the full sensory experience. Textured tiling can really help you to emulate this at home.

If you are ready to create any of the luxurious bathroom tiling trends, take a look at what we have to offer, here at Tiles 2 Go.