Traditional tiling trends with a twist

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Whether it’s a bathroom or a kitchen, your hallway or your conservatory, tiling projects can make a huge difference to the space. Traditional tiling trends can be a fantastic choice, but for contemporary homes, how can you make traditional tiles work for you? Well, here at Tiles 2 Go, we are Preston’s leading tiling experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to traditional tiling trends with a twist.

Mosaic tiles

A classic tiling trend, mosaic tiles have been used throughout homes since the Roman period. But that doesnt mean your new build, glass fronted home cant make effective use of mosaic tiling. In fact, mosaics can be used in any home, not just traditional homes.

Traditional mosaic tiling takes small rectangular or square shaped tiles and arranges them into a pattern, picture, or colourful area. However, tiling mosaics dont just have to be rectangular. Instead, why not consider triangle tessellations, or hexagonal mosaics? This adds a contemporary twist to a traditional tiling pattern.

In addition, choosing the colour scheme for your mosaic is a great way to make sure that your contemporary kitchen looks great. A monochrome feature wall created with black and white mosaic tiling for example, is just one way to use mosaic tiling successfully.

Metro Tiles

Popular in traditional settings, metro tiles can feel like a strange addition to a contemporary bathroom or kitchen, but trust us, they can work beautifully. Whether you opt for straight lay, brick bond or vertically aligned metro tiles, the effects can look stunning, even in contemporary settings. The trick is to choose the right colours, finish, layout to complement the rest of your room.

Victorian themed tiles

Although these are clearly tied into a time period, Victorian themed tiles dont need to be reserved solely for the use of semi-detached Victorian properties. Instead, remove the rich browns, reds, and yellows, and instead enjoy the patterns in a colder greyscale. This makes for a fantastic splashback area around the bath or sink, or within a shower enclosure. Alternatively, a feature wall in a contemporary kitchen can be stunning with the aid of Victorian themed tiling.

For more tips or advice, regarding traditional tiling trends with a twist, or any other tiling issue, contact us at Tiles 2 Go today.