Metallic tiling tips

Wave Grey Metallic 20x 33

Opting for unusual tiles can be a challenge. Especially when you want something that will be in fashion for a relatively long period of time, or something that will blend in well with your existing theme. This is where metallic tiles can be used effectively. Here at Tiles 2 Go, we are Preston’s leading tiling experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to metallic tiling tips.

Metallic tiling in the bathroom

The bathroom is a great option for metallic tiling. Most bathrooms tend to be tiled from floor to ceiling, which means a tiling feature, or an unusual tiling approach can help provide visual barriers. Metallic tiles are perfect for this role. This is because the metallic tiles will reflect the light, to make your room seem larger and brighter. In addition, the metallic tiles are also visually interesting in their own right. So they are guaranteed to help you create a room that really stands out.

Metallic tiling in the kitchen

Alternatively, metallic tiles can be equally as effective in the kitchen, where they can blend perfectly with neutral or natural tiles and suit any tiling theme or style.

Metallic tiling tips

Border Tiles

Using metallic tiles as border tiles is a fantastic option for both kitchens or bathrooms. The border tiles can divide the main colour of the room with either a vertical row or a horizontal row. Horizontal rows are a lot more common, but that doesnt mean that vertical rows cannot be successful.

Splashback areas

In either the kitchen or the bathroom, metallic tiles can be used to create interesting and unique splashback areas. This is because metallic tiles can really stand out. With a range of colours from coppers and golds, to black and white, metallic tiles can suite any colour scheme. They also stand out when paired with dull matt wall tiles. This means that they will draw attention to your tiling splashback.

Why not take a look at the metallic tiles we have to offer, here at Tiles 2 Go.