Predicted bathroom tiling trends for 2021

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Choosing the right tiles for any bathroom can be an important but challenging decision. This is because, unlike other rooms in the home, both the bathroom floors and walls tend to be tiled. These tiles need to add style and character, while also being incredibly practical. For 2021, there are a number of bahtroom tiling trends that are predicted to be popular. So what are these trends? And why should you consider them? Well, here at Tiles 2 Go, we are Preston’s leading tiling experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to the predicted bathroom tiling trends for 2021.

Predicted bathroom tiling trends for 2019

  1. Honeycombe tiling- honeycombe tiling has been fairly popular throughout 2020, but it is expected to increase in popularity throughout the next year. Geometric tiles are stylish and interesting, and hexagons are incredibly practical. For floors and walls in your new bathroom, honeycombe tiling could be the perfect option. Why not use a contrasting grout colour to really make the hexagonal shapes stand out?
  2. Extra narrow tiles- while the subway tile will always be a popular choice for any bathroom, extra narrow tiles will take over the role in 2021. Think of a subway tile, cut into thirds, horizontally, and these thin, strip like tiles, are what you will see more of this year. Why not create a tiling pattern using different shades of the same colour, to make these thin, strip tiles stand out?
  3. Vertical tiles- speaking of subway tiles, they will still be popular. However, the trend will change from horizontal, to a vertical tiling layout instead, which will add interest and intrigue to your bathroom. Why not tile the splashback area with vertical subway tiles, instead of horizontal ones? You could also choose a deep, bold colour to add a contrast, and make this tiling feature stand out.

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