Square tiling layouts for contemporary kitchens

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When tiling your contemporary kitchen, it is important that the tiling itself fits with the design scheme, but also for the tiling layout to be appropriate too. One of the biggest trends in contemporary kitchen design right now, involves square tiling. But what kind of layout should you be using for your square tiling? And how can this fit with a contemporary kitchen design scheme? Well, here at Tiles 2 Go, we are Preston’s leading tiling professionals. We stock a range of tiles, suitable for a variety of kitchen styles and designs. And we help homeowners and property developers across the region create stunning tiling solutions. As a result, we have produced this guide to the top square tiling layouts for contemporary kitchens?

What are the top square tiling layouts for contemporary kitchens?

When it comes to square tiling, there are a number of layout choice available, that can help your kitchen develop character and charm. For this to be suitable for a contemporary space, you should consider:

  • Grid tiling
  • Diagonal tiling
  • Brick bond layout

Grid tiling

In contemporary design, emphasis is placed on straight lines and plain design. So its no wonder that straight lay tiling or grid tiling, with square tiles, tops the list. If you want to make this more interesting, and create a feature wall, why not use a contrasting grout colour to make the square pattern stand out? This can be effective for a splashback or feature wall, but should not be overused.

Diagonal tiling

This is the same as straight lay tiling, but involves laying the tiles on a 45 degree angle to create a repeated pattern of diagonal tiling shapes. This can be just as visually effective, but it can also add more character to your room.

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