Stone Effect Tiles

stone effect

Stunning and natural, stone effect tiles recreate the amazing aesthetic of real stone, without the hefty price tag or the cold feet. But how can you use stone effect tiles to maximum effect in your home? Here at Tiles 2 Go, we understand the importance of getting your tiles to be just perfect, and so this is our guide for all you need to know about stone effect tiles.

Floor or wall?

Stone effect tiles are the perfect addition to any home, but should you concentrate on tiling the floors or walls with natural stone? Here at Tiles 2 Go we don’t believe that there is a right way, or a wrong way to utilise these kind of tiles; they look great anywhere!

Stone effect Floor Tiles

As with any tile type, stone effect floor tiles come with their own unique set of considerations. For example, what is the overall effect you are hoping to achieve? If you are aiming to produce a neutral, natural looking kitchen, a stone effect floor tile can enhance this effect and create a stunning feature, especially in an earthen colour. However, if you are aiming to create a super modern bathroom, stone effect floor tiles can be used to set a neutral tone and add texture and depth.

Stone effect Wall Tiles

For your kitchen or bathroom walls, stone effect tiles can liven up any space and are so versatile that they can be used to enhance any decorative style and taste, from traditional wooden kitchens to the high gloss, and smooth finishes, of modern kitchens. Stone effect wall tiles have the benefit of texture, which can catch the eye and break up the visuals within the room, a great way to contrast with ultra smooth and glossy work surfaces and cupboards.

Bathroom or Kitchen?

Stone effect tiles can be used to great effect in both the kitchen and the bathroom, and this is just another benefit of this type of tile. Kitchens utilising stone effect tiles often bring in a touch of modernity to a more traditional style, while stone effect in the bathroom adds to a clean and modern room.

In summary

Stone effect tiles are a great addition to any kitchen or bathroom, and are so versatile that they make amazing floor and wall tiles. Adding a textured and modern charm to any decorative style, stone effect tiles also maintain neutral colours. Why not take a look at our stone effect tiles today?

stone effect tiles