Stone effect and timber effect tiles for the kitchen


While stone and timber is incredibly popular for kitchens, it is not always the most practical or suitable material. Kitchen floors and surfaces need to be waterproof, heat resistant and able to deal with a range of stains. Both natural stone and timber will need to be regularly and routinely treated to remain waterproof, and natural timber can be easily burnt from over heating. However, stone effect and timber effect tiles can be an incredibly practical solution. Here at Tiles 2 Go, we are Preston’s leading tiling experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to stone effect and timber effect tiles for the kitchen.

Stone effect floor tiles

Stone effect floor tiles are a practical and stylish flooring option. Naturally waterproof, spills can easily be mopped up with no damage to the floor. Stone effect tiles are also incredibly hard-wearing, making them suitable to cope with the amount of footfall a kitchen generally has to deal with.

Timber effect floor tiles

Timber effect floor tiles are a fantastic option for kitchens. Unlike laminates and real wood, timber effect floor tiles are waterproof and thermally resistant. So even if you drop boiling water, your tiles will not be damaged. At the same time, they look incredibly realistic and suit both contemporary and traditional kitchens.

Stone effect wall tiles

For wall options, stone effect tiles are perfect. They look just like real stone, and this can look beautiful in a contemporary or traditional kitchen. In fact, stone effect wall tiles are available in a range of shades and colours, so they can suit any kitchen style or theme.

Timber effect wall tiles

Similarly, timber effect wall tiles are available in a variety of colours and tones, so a neutral kitchen drawing inspiration from nature is easier to achieve than ever before.

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