Tiling options for cloakroom bathrooms

Cloakrooms may be the smallest room in the home, but many people have converted these to small, downstairs, bathrooms. Including simply a toilet and a sink, it’s the perfect bathroom for guests and visitors. But how can you tile this bathroom to really impress these visitors and guests? Well, just because the room is small, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be stylish and attractive too. Here at Tiles 2 Go, we are Preston’s leading tiling experts. And we have produced this guide to tiling options for cloakroom bathrooms.

Matching tiles

In a small space, you need to use tiles in a way that can create an illusion of space. Rather than making the space seem smaller or darker. There are several ways to achieve this. Including using the same tiles for both the walls and the floor. Continuing the tiling pattern, with the same tiles, from the floor to the walls, is a great way to make the space seem wider than it really is. And this is probably one of the most common tiling options for cloakroom bathrooms. You can even use a border tile which continues throughout the floor and the walls for added style.

Use glossy tiles

Another popular way to tile a cloakroom is to use high gloss tiles. This is a good idea in narrow cloakrooms where there may not be a lot of natural light. The gloss of the tiles will reflect what little light there is and make the space feel brighter and lighter.

Avoid dark tiles

In the same vain, many homeowners and property developers decide not to use dark tiles in the cloakroom. This is because they are likely to make the space seem even darker. And even smaller. By absorbing any of the light available.

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