Tiling shapes and space perception

Here at Tiles 2 Go, we are Preston’s leading tiling experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to everything you should know about the different tile shape options and the effects they create.

How do different shaped tiles impact space perception?

Tiles are no longer just square or rectangular, and in fact there are a wide range of different tiling shapes to choose from. These can have an impact on the perception of the space, making any room feel larger or smaller. the different shape options, and effects, include:

  • Large format square tiles- these tiles are incredibly popular for both contemporary and traditional spaces. Using large format square or even rectangular tiles can change the perspective of the room by making this feel larger than it truly is. As such, these are very beneficial tiles for floor tiling in smaller rooms.
  • Horizontal rectangular tiles- another option for making a narrow space feel wider is to use rectangular tiles in a horizontal layout. This draws the eye to the very far edges of the tiles, giving the perception of more space and increased room width.
  • Hexagonal tiling- hexagonal or honeycomb tiling is a popular option for stylish interior design. When using smaller hexagonal tiles you can make a larger space feel smaller, and this can be beneficial for tiling in key areas, like splashback tiling. Larger format hexagonal tiles can have the opposite impact, with the pattern drawing the eye outwards to the very corners of the room.
  • Triangular tiling- triangular tiling can have the effect of helping a smaller space feel more narrow than it truly is. For splashback areas and feature wall spaces, this can be very effective. This change in space perception occurs because the triangular shape draws the eye upwards or downwards, depending on the direction on the point of the triangle.

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