Tiling Tips for a Small Bathroom


Bathrooms are all different shapes and sizes, but one thing they have in common across the UK is that they are often the smallest room in the house. Having said that, some bathrooms are smaller than others, the ensuite for example, and when these smaller bathrooms need tiling, it can cause a range of problems. Here at Tiles 2 Go, with over 25 years of tiling experience, we know just how important bathroom tiling is, no matter the size of the bathroom, and this is our guide to tiling tips for a small bathroom.

Tile Material

The first step to choosing your bathroom tiles, even for a smaller bathroom, is to select the tile material. Porcelain, ceramic, glass and natural stone are all great tile materials for a smaller bathroom, although you may have to consider your budget, as some tile materials will be much more affordable than others.

Cutting Corners

Another decision you will need to make will be the size of the tile. An important factor in determining the size of the tile that will suite the space you have, is the number of corners in your bathroom. This is because lots of corners will be better suited to smaller tiles, while larger tiles are perfect for bathrooms with few corners. Using larger tiles in small bathrooms is a great way to create a sense of space, but when there are a lot of corners and tiles need to be cut to fit, the effect can become messy.

Large or Small?

Whatever size you decide upon, both small tiles and large tiles can be made to work in a smaller bathroom. Of course, the aim is to create a sense of space with the tiles selected in a small bathroom, and this can be achieved with either small tiles or larger tiles. However, small tiles with lots of obvious grout lines can make the bathroom appear cluttered, so to enhance the space use a grout that is almost exactly the same as the tile colour. This will give the impression of continuous colour block and reduce the effect of the lines of grout.  Large tiles don’t have the same issue with gout and often provide a feeling of space.

In summary

Any tile material can be used to good effect in a small bathroom, but the key is to consider the size of the tiles. Small tiles with matching grout can be used to good effect but larger tiles will give the feeling of more space. However, in a bathroom with lots of corners to cut around, the positive effect of the large tiles will be lost, and so smaller tiles would be a better option.