Timeless kitchen tiling options

Kitchen tiles are a very popular choice due to their inherent practicality in spaces that may be wet, as well as their visual design benefits. Kitchen tiles can be used effectively to create a kitchen in any style or design, from the most traditional, to the most contemporary. You can also use tiles to create a kitchen that will look great, no matter which design trend is number one. This is referred to as timeless kitchen design. But what are the most effective timeless kitchen tiling options? And how can you use tiles to create a kitchen that will be unaffected by trend changes.

What are the most effective timeless kitchen tiling options?

There are a number of tiling options you can consider to create a timeless kitchen space with a top quality aesthetic design. These include:

  • Using natural effect tiles
  • Using hexagonal tiles
  • Using large format tiles

Using natural effect tiles

Natural effect tiles, such as those that replicate natural timber or stone can be a fantastic option for any kitchen aiming for a timeless appeal. These tiles look and often feel just like the real thing, but are naturally impervious and need a lot less maintenance than real stone or wood, especially in a wet area like the kitchen. Natural effect tiles can bring natural elements to your kitchen design, complementing both contemporary and traditional interior design philosophies, without ever going out of fashion.

Using hexagonal tiles for a timeless kitchen design

Hexagonal tiles are another popular choice. These are available in a range of sizes and designs to complement any space, but for a timeless kitchen that will not be negatively impacted by design trends, you should consider standard size hexagonal tiles with a neutral palette. This can create a stylish and visually appealing effect in any kitchen, for walls or floors. 

Large format tiles

Large format tiles are currently associated with a more contemporary approach to interior design, but these have been used throughout history, and often have a neutral tone, which means that they have a timeless charm. These tiles can create a kitchen space that feels seamless, due to the reduction of visible grout lines.

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