Tips for Terrific Tiling


Tiling is a popular DIY job. New tiles can revamp a whole room or restyle your home. But how can you make sure you get a professional finish? Don’t worry, here at Tiles 2 Go we are tiling experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to make your tiling experience a little easier. Here are our top tips for terrific tiling.

Before you begin…

…even shopping for tiles, you should measure the space you have. Multiply the length and width of the wall or floor area you wish to tile. This will give you a figure that you can use to estimate the amount of tiles you need. When you have chosen your tiles, simply divide this figure by the area of one individual tile. This will give you a rough idea of how many tiles you will need.

Of course, some tiles may need to be cut to shape and may need to fit around fittings and furnishings. Additionally, you will need to factor in the grout spaces between the tiles. As a result, the estimated number of tiles you will need should be added to by 10-15% to take this into account.

Tips for Terrific Tiling:

1 – Waterproofing is essential. If you are tiling in a kitchen or bathroom, make sure you follow the relevant waterproofing process. Follow the instructions carefully and don’t miss out any steps. This will protect your home from water damage and mould.

2 – Follow the lines. As long as you are tiling on a square/plumb surface, you can draw a grid on the wall. This will provide additional guidance. As a result, you can use this grid to lay the bottom row. Once complete, you can follow the line of the bottom row all the way up the wall.

3 – Always use spacers. This will make sure your tiles are aligned correctly and make the finished result more professional. In addition, if you remove the spacers too early, wall tiles may drop slightly. As a result, your tiles will look wonky and misaligned.

In summary

Tiling can be a rewarding and fun part of DIY. Follow these tips for terrific tiling and your rooms will stun. For more information or advice, or to choose your tiles, contact us today at Tiles 2 Go.