Using black tiles in the kitchen

Rainforest athracite matt (1500x2000)

Choosing the right tiles for your kitchen can help you redesign the space, and create stunning visual features. But while many homes focus on neutral or white tiling, black or dark colours can be even more effective. When used in the right way, black tiling can really draw attention to key spaces, and help give your kitchen a unique feeling. So could black tiles suit your kitchen space? Well, here at Tiles 2 Go, we are Preston’s leading tiling experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to everything you should know about using black tiles in the kitchen.

Important considerations for using black tiles in the kitchen

Black kitchen tiles can be sophisticated, stylish and dramatic. But to get the perfect result in your kitchen, you should consider:

  • The type of tile- there are a number of different types of black tile to choose from, including those with a glossy finish, or a matt finish. Textured black tiles, and black tiles with a pattern are also available. Choose the type of tile that suits the style and size of your kitchen. For example, for smaller, or narrower kitchens, you might decide to opt for glossy finish black tiles to increase the light in the kitchen space. While for traditional kitchens, you might opt for black patterned tiles.
  • Tiling feature or general tiling- another thing to consider is whether to use the black tiling to create a dramatic feature wall, or to use this as general tiling or floor tiling. Feature wall tiling with black tiles, in an otherwise white kitchen suite can be very effective. While black kitchen floor tiles can be very practical.
  • Grout colour- using a contrasting grout colour with black tiling can help to create a stunning visual effect, with each tile given a light outline. While using a dark grout colour can help to create the sense of a larger space, as the grout lines do not divide the space visually.

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