Using hexagonal tiles


Hexagonal tiles are a unique way to decorate a space. From splashbacks in the kitchen, or tiled floors in the porch, to feature shower enclosures, hexagonal tiles are the perfect solution. Here at Tiles 2 Go, we are Preston’s leading tiling experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to using hexagonal tiles.

using hexagonal tiles


The hexagonal shape is enough to make these tiles stand out. No matter where you use them, hexagonal tiles can have a huge impact. As a result, hexagonal tiles can be used in either a complimentary or contrasting colour.

However, its not just the tile colour you should consider, it is also the grout colour. Because of the unique shape of hexagonal tiles, choosing a contrasting grout colour can make an incredible tiling feature. This is because the shape of the tile will be outlined effectively, making the shape stand out even more.


Although you can keep things simple with hexagonal tiles, you can also be creative. Why not use shaded tiles to transform your space? These can move from light to dark across the room, creating a visually stunning effect.


Alternatively, if pattern is more your thing, hexagonal tiles can be perfect. Tessellating together to make floral or geometric patterns, hexagonal patterned tiles offer a unique visual effect.

Timber or stone effect

Hexagonal tiles are also available in timber or stone effect. These are perfect for natural or neutral themed bathrooms and contemporary kitchens. They have all the advantages of the usual timber or stone effect tiles, but with the added advantage of being hexagonal. This makes them more interesting and means that you can create large tiled floor spaces with a difference.

If you are ready to begin your tiling feature making use of hexagonal tiles, why not check out our range today, here at Tiles 2 Go?