Bathroom splashback ideas

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Bathroom splashback areas around the sink, shower, or bath are a great way to add a tiling feature to your bathroom. You can use colour and texture to create an effective feature, but you can also use different tiling techniques. Here at Tiles 2 Go, we are Preston’s leading tiling experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to bathroom splashback ideas.

bathroom splashback ideas

Chevron Tiling

Chevron tiling is a popular tiling trend that can really stand out in the bathroom. It can either run floor to ceiling, say within a shower enclosure, or it can be equally effective behind your sink. It is a versatile tiling pattern that uses to colours to draw the eye, and can suit either a traditional bathroom or a contemporary style.

Diamond Tiling

Why go for a straight lay, when turning your tiles on an edge can give you a diamond? This can be a great way to inject some fun into your standard bathroom tiling. Because these are simply ordinary tiles, they are available in a range of colours and textures, which makes it one of the easiest bathroom splashback ideas to apply.

Geometric Tiling

Geometric patterns and shapes add visual interest to your bathroom splashback, and can make it stand out. Use colours to pick out the shapes and give definition to your feature area.

Herringbone Tiling

Herringbone tiling is the same as chevron tiling, only it uses one colour instead of two.This can suit a contemporary or traditional bathroom, and is great for bathrooms with only one main colour. This is because by switching up the tiling pattern for the splashback area, and not the colour, you can make a more subtle feature.

For more information or advice about bathroom splashback ideas, get in touch with the tiling experts here at Tiles 2 Go. You can check out what we have to offer, online or in store, today.