Using marble tiles effectively

using marble tiles effectively

Here at Tiles 2 Go, we are Preston’s leading tiling professionals. From tile shopping to installation, we have you covered. When you are planning any new tiling project, be it kitchen or bathroom, it is essential to consider the design and style of the tiles you want to use. Marble tiles remain some of the most popular tiling choices, but why? Well, this is our guide to using marble tiles effectively.

Why use marble tiles?

Marble tiles are timeless and classic. Nothing quite says elegant like marble and no matter if your home is rustic, traditional, or contemporary, there is always space for marble tiles. Still not convinced? Well, there are a huge range of benefits for using marble tiles. These include:

Colour range

Marble tiles are available in a variety of colours and shades. Many of these are neutral or natural, which fits beautifully with any contemporary or traditional kitchen or bathroom.

Marble is also effective in both black and white shades, which means that for feature walls or to make a real visual statement, without going over the top, marble is the perfect choice.

Luxury and Elegance

Marble is used throughout spas and posh hotels throughout the world. The smooth texture, the colour tones, and the quality, make marble the perfect marker for elegance and luxury. A roll top bath surrounded by marble tiles on the floor or wall, can totally revamp your bathroom space.

Visual feature

The depth and texture of marble tiles make them perfect for creating a visual feature in any kitchen or bathroom. The flecks and depth of colour make for perfect floors and walls, while smaller marble tiles are effective for feature walls and tiling borders.

If you are ready to create your new tiling project, take a look at what we can offer here at Tiles 2 Go.