Using metallic tiles in the kitchen or bathroom

Wave White Metallic 20x33

Whether it’s your kitchen, or your bathroom, hallway or conservatory, choosing the right tiles for your tiling project is essential. And if you want tiles that will really grab attention and make a feature, metallic tiling choices could be a great option. Although there are some considerations you should bear in mind. Here at Tiles 2 Go, we are Preston’s leading tiling experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to everything you should consider when using metallic tiles in the kitchen or bathroom.

Using metallic tiles in the kitchen or bathroom

Metallic tiles can be effective and stylish in any room in the home, adding something unusual and different to your tiling. Bathrooms and kitchens seem to be the most popular choice though.

Metallic tiles in the bathroom

Tiles are often a major part of any bathroom design, due to their waterproof nature. And as a result, many bathrooms are wall to floor tiles. So to add visual interest to the space, you could opt for a feature wall of metallic tiles. These will reflect the light, and draw attention, creating a stunning visual feature.

Alternatively, you could use metallic tiles to create a tiling border. This could run horizontally around the room, or vertically from floor to ceiling, at different parts of the room.

Metallic tiling in the kitchen

Metallic tiles are also a great option for kitchens. Both contemporary and traditional kitchens could make use of metallic tiles, especially if these match the colour scheme of the room and the kitchen cabinets. A copper metallic tiles for example will suit a traditional kitchen with a copper colour scheme. Tiling a kitchen splash-back is a great option to make sure that you protect your kitchen walls from stains and water damage. And using metallic tiles here can help to create an effective tiling feature.

You could opt to pair the metallic tiles with neutral or natural coloured tiles to make sure that the metallic tiles offer something visually different, and make a statement.

Why not take a look at the metallic tiles we have to offer, here at Tiles 2 Go.