Using patterned tiles in a contemporary kitchen

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While your contemporary kitchen is likely to be one colour, and high gloss, that doesn’t mean you can’t add in some character with patterned tiles. In fact, patterned tiles can work very well in a contemporary kitchen, despite the emphasis on simple, sleek and uniform. Here at Tiles 2 Go, we are Preston’s leading tiling experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to using patterned tiles in a contemporary kitchen.

Patterned tiles for the floor

If you are planning to tile your contemporary kitchen floor, you will probably be choosing between timber effect floor tiles, or stone effect floor tiles. But so is everyone else. If you want your kitchen to really stand out and make an impression, patterned tiles can be a great investment. The key is the colour and the texture.

If your kitchen is glossy white, a grey scale patterned tile can be a great way to tile the floor. Avoid flowery patterns, or anything that looks too traditional, and instead opt for something more abstract.

Alternatively, you can you use shaped tiles to create their own pattern by emphasizing the shape. Hexagonal tiles for example are a very good option for this.

Patterned tiles for the walls

Patterned tiles for the walls can be a stunning addition to a contemporary kitchen. However, instead of tiling all the walls in the patterned tile, we would recommend choosing a feature wall, or space to tile in patterned tiles.

Geometric patterns can be created from tiles of an unusual shape, and this can be very effective on contemporary kitchen walls. From triangular tiles, to hexagonal tiles, the available shape choices are ever growing. Use a contrasting grout colour to really highlight the shape of the tiles, and arrange them by shade for a fade in, or fade out effect. Either way, your kitchen will look stylish and have real character.



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