Can tiles make your kitchen feel larger?


If your kitchen is small to medium sized, there are a number of design factors to take into account. These include the design of the kitchen cabinets, the colour schemes and the tiles. The right tiles can actually make a big difference to the appearance of a room, and the perception of size and space. Here at Tiles 2 Go, we are Preston’s leading tiling experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to everything you should know about enhancing a sense of space with tiles.

How can tiles make your kitchen feel larger?

If you want to make a small, medium or narrow kitchen feel larger or wider than it really is, you can use tiles. But you will need to make the right tiles choices, to get the right result. And the considerations include:

  • The size of the tile- large format tiles can help reduce the number of grout lines in your kitchen. This means that there will be less visual distractions, and your kitchen will actually have the illusion of being larger.
  • The grout colour- even with large tiles, grout lines can still be distracting. So choose a grout colour that blends into the tiles, and use narrow grout lines between tiles. This will make the space seem even larger
  • The tile colour- using tiles that are dark can absorb the light and make the room feel smaller. So stick to neutral or light coloured tiles to be sure of the best results. These will reflect the light, and make the space feel brighter.
  • Tile finish- to take this one step further, choose tiles that are also glossy. The glossy will reflect the light further, and create a space that is bright and light. This will automatically make your kitchen feel larger.

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