Using triangular tiles in the bathroom

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When it comes to tiles, we know our stuff here at Tiles 2 Go. In fact, we are Preston’s leading tiling experts. But how about shaped tiles? From hexagons to triangles, geometry is making a big statement in tiling at the moment. As a result, we have produced this guide to using triangular tiles in the bathroom.

Using triangular tiles in the bathroom

Triangular mosaics

One of the most popular uses of triangular tiles is to create a mosaic. Whether its for a splashback area or a feature wall, a triangular mosaic can be more interesting and unique than a usual mosaic. As a result, if you choose your colours carefully, it can be a contemporary tiling feature for a modern bathroom.

Triangular border tiles

Triangular tiles can be placed, too together to make a square or rectangle. As a result, they can be installed easily within the pre-existing tiling structure of the room. This makes them perfect for creating border tiles. Either horizontal around the bathroom, or vertical at regular interval, triangular border tiles can be very effective. It is an unusual method of using triangular tiles in the bathroom that is guaranteed to draw attention.

Triangular floor tiles

On a large scale, with large floor tiles, triangular tiles can be a stunning way to tile a bathroom floor. With their unusual shape, triangular tiles can be extremely effective. In addition, they are available in a range of colour options that can be mixed and matched to create a shaded gradient effect across the room.

Triangular shower enclosures

Finally, decorating the shower enclosure with triangular tiles can be a great way to use them in the bathroom. The shower enclosure is an area of your bathroom that doesnt have to fit with the style or theme overall. Instead, the shower enclosure can stand apart. Triangular tiles can effectively achieve this.

If you are considering using triangular tiles in the bathroom, why not take a look at what we have to offer here at Tiles 2 Go?