Using Victorian patterned tiles in the hallway

Although the hallway might be the last room on the list when it comes to redecorating or interior design, it really shouldnt be. As the room that welcomes guests to your home, your hallway can be a real statement, and you should use it as such. Victorian patterned tiles could be just the design feature your hallway is crying out for. Here at Tiles 2 Go in Preston, we are tiling experts. As a result we have produced this guide to using Victorian patterned tiles in the hallway.

Why Victorian?

There are several reasons to consider using Victorian patterned tiles. These include:

⦁ they can symbolize luxury and elegance
⦁ they can match the age or period of your home
⦁ they can add a traditional twist to a contemporary home

Using Victorian patterned tiles in the hallway

So, how can you go about using Victorian patterned tiles in the hallway? Well, there are a number of popular tiling methods related to Victorian patterned tiles. These include:

The monochrome pattern

Black and white checkerboard pattern tiles can transform your hallway into a space that really wows. Although this is a simple pattern, it can make your space seem larger and wider.

Victorian terracotta

Terracotta Victorian patterned tiles are one of the most widely recognised of any tiling trend. They are also still incredibly popular. Using these in the hallway can add warmth and personality to your home. Not to mention the visual and aesthetic transformation terracotta tiling can bring.

The Victorian floral design

In either monochrome or terracotta, the Victorian floral design is a fantastic pattern created by tessellating tiles. This can create a real feature for your hallway floor, although you might want to keep to a neutral wallpaper. Otherwise your hall can quickly begin to look too busy.

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