Contemporary tiling for contemporary bathrooms

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Contemporary bathrooms rely on the sleek, smooth and elegant to complete their design and style. As a result, you need to choose the right tiles to suit this design, or you could risk losing the theme altogether. Here at Tiles 2 Go, we know it can be overwhelming to choose tiles that match your design ambitions. From shape and colour, to texture and style, tiling can be a challenge. However, with our guide to contemporary tiling for contemporary bathrooms, you should be well on your way to bathroom success.

Tiling shapes

In a contemporary bathroom, tiling shapes can be really important. While the regular rectangular subway or metro tiles can be perfect for simple background tiles, in a contemporary bathroom, you should be looking to make more of a statement.

To do this why not consider triangular tiles, for a splash-back or shower enclosure tiling? Triangular tiles can be laid in a variety of ways, from right angled, paired triangles that create a square or rectangle, to isosceles triangles that really stand out, you can make a statement with triangular tiling. For a contemporary bathroom, choose high gloss triangular tiles in a colour that suits your bathroom colour scheme.

Alternatively, hexagonal tiles can be a huge feature. Hexagonal tiles in a high gloss finish, in a marble effect, can blend perfectly with a freestanding bath. They can add to the effect of luxury and elegance in your contemporary bathroom.

Tiling Colours

Contemporary tiling for contemporary bathrooms should also take into consideration the tiling colour.

Contemporary tiling trends for contemporary kitchens also include colour. Contemporary colour choices include neutral and natural colours, as well as deep, rich colours, or vibrant colours. As a result, whichever style you are opting for, you will have a lot of choice for tiling colours.

We would advise that your tiling colours are more muted in the bathroom than they might be in the kitchen, because the bathroom is notably a place to relax.

For more information or to begin your own tiling project, take a look at what we can offer today at Tiles 2 Go.