Guide to interesting tiling trends and themes

Tiling your new bathroom or kitchen, hallway, porch or conservatory can be a great way to personalize your space and add a unique twist to your home. However, knowing which tiling trend to go for can be confusing and overwhelming, especially because you need to get it right. Here at Tiles 2 Go, we are tiling experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to interesting tiling trends and themes, outlining some of the choices.

guide to interesting tiling trends and themes

Monochrome tiling

The first item on our guide to interesting tiling trends and themes is monochrome tiling. This is increasingly popular because of its suitability for both traditional and contemporary homes and spaces. While black and white is the perfect colour combination for a traditional home, the colours look incredibly striking in contemporary kitchens and bathrooms.

In addition, for a single coloured room, with the majority of tiles being white, a black and white tiled wall can create a stunning visual feature.

Patterned tiles

Although the popularity of patterned tiles did fade, the last five years or so has seen a huge resurgence in appreciation and demand for the patterned tile. Whether its grey scale or coloured, patterned tiles look great in the contemporary home as a feature wall or a splashback area. They can also add a touch of sophistication when used as floor tiles in areas like the hall and conservatory.

The herringbone layout

No matter which tiles you choose, you will need to consider the tiling layout. One f the interesting tiling trends has been the resurgence of the herringbone pattern. This can dramatically influence the tone and visual appeal of any room it is used within.

Border Tiles

The final item in our guide to interesting tiling trends is the border tile. Using tiles to create a border in a room is a great way to add colour, pattern, or a unique outlook to any room.

Border tiles are effective when used in a complimentary or contrasting colour, and are used horizontally or vertically around the room.

If you would like more information or support, or if you are ready to start your tiling project, contact us today at Tiles 2 Go.