How to use Dark Colours in your Bathroom

Traditionally, dark, rich, colours in a bathroom have made even the largest bathroom seem smaller and darker, as they absorb the natural and artificial light instead of reflecting it back into the bathroom itself. Having said that, many homeowners and property developers are looking to make better use of colour in the bathroom, including the use of dark and deep shades. Here at Tiles 2 Go, we know and understand the importance of choosing the correct tiles, including colour, and so this is our guide to using dark colours successfully in your bathroom.


Using dark colours throughout the design of your splashback can have a dramatic visual effect, especially when paired with lighter shades of the same or similar colour. Above your sink or bath, the splashback tends to draw attention to the wall tiles used, and in a small or large bathroom, using dark tiles intermingled with their lighter counterparts can be extremely effective. This technique works for large and small tiles too.

Floor Tiles

Darker coloured floor tiles can pair well with contrasting lighter coloured wall tiles to add a contemporary feel to your bathroom. The lighter coloured wall tiles can maintain your bathroom’s sense of space and light, while the dark, rich, floor tiles can create a stunning visual feature.

Shower Cubicle or Quadrant

Using a blend of darker and lighter shades within your shower quadrant or cubicle is another way to incorporate darker colours into your bathroom. Within the shower cubicle or quadrant, the blend of the two contrasting shades can really add depth to your bathroom design as a whole.

Border tiles

Using dark coloured tiles as a feature in themselves for your tile horizontal or vertical border can be stunning. This often works well when paired with a contrasting lighter colour throughout the bathroom as a base, with the dark coloured border tiles used to draw attention and create a wow feature.

In summary

Dark colours can be used in a range of ways throughout both large and small bathrooms, although we still wouldn’t advise going for an entirely dark bathroom. Dark tiles can be used within splashback features or shower cubicles or quadrants, while also being perfect for floor tiles and border tiles. Why not take a look at our range of tiles today?